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LB Series Lowbays

LB Series Lowbays

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This Low Bay is intended for lighting applications where height available is between 5 & 8 metres. It can be suspended by chain or surface mounted. The base can be detached from the body, mounted and wired. The body then attaches to the base, making installation easier when working from a ladder. The body is hinged to allow quick access to the lamp and gear. Supplied with a wire guard AND tempered glass face.

  • Easy Installation
  • Supplied with Wire Guard AND Tempered Glass

LB250MV 250W Mercury Vapour with Lamp

LB400MV 400W Mercury Vapour with Lamp

LB400MH 400W Metal Halide with Lamp

LB250MH 250W Metal Halide with Lamp

LB400HPS 400W HPS with Lamp

LB250HPS 250W HPS with Lamp

EHB Series Lowbays

The EHB Series is a fluoro high bay with separate ballast and comes standard with glass enclosed lid.

  • 2 Separate Lamps
  • Energy Efficient CFL Lamps
  • Electronic Control Gear
  • Diffuser is hinged frame with toughen glass
  • Jack Chained or Bolted

EHB150 150W 522x408x265

EHB200 200W 555x408x265