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“Low cost lighting solutions direct to you”

“Low cost lighting solutions direct to you”

Most individuals, small business and corporations are concerned about the environment, and the need to reduce carbon emissions and power consumption. The cost of energy continues to rise and GBS Wholesale can offer direct to you low cost lighting solutions.

Reduce your electricity bills by installing modern up to date energy saving lighting. Savings of 30% - 50% and more in the cost of running your lighting can be achieved and at affordable prices because we can supply direct to you.

Unlike some companies that only supply their own products, GBS Wholesale has partnerships with global companies that specialize in energy saving lighting and we can bring direct to you a range of options to suit your requirements & budget.

Take action now, its easy, view website, email today and we will answer any question and work through possible solutions. No obligation.


T5 & CFL Energy Saving     

  • Battens T5
  • Weather Proof
  • Linkable Battens
  • Circular fluro
  • T-Bar recessed
  • T-bar Specular
  • Surface mount
  • Lamps & Tubes
  • High bays
  • Linear Highbays
  • Floodlights
  • PL Downlights


LED Showcase

  • Downlight LED
  • Oyster LED
  • Weatherproof LED
  • LED Battens
  • LED Tubes
  • LED Panels
  • LED Spec T-Bars
  • Highbays LED
  • Floodlights LED
  • Worklights LED
  • Shoplights LED
  • Exit & Emergency LED